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        I have six galleries from which you can select photographs. Each photo is identified by a letter and number code that you will use when ordering any products.
  FLOWERS:  Spring in Maine births forth an array of vibrant lilacs, bleeding heart, daffodils and apple blossoms, whereas summer offers lupine, fields of wild flowers and pond lilies.

  COASTAL SCENES:  The Maine coast can be varied - from the majestic cliffs on Monhegan Island to the crashing surf at Schoodic Point to Camden's inviting harbor, along with majestic sunsets in Stonington.

  INLAND SCENES:  Turning inland to expressive blueberry barrens in Franklin and Prospect, spirit and wonder at Baxter State Park, experiencing the Orono bog-boardwalk, to inviting spots in the city of Bangor.

  LAKE SCENES:  Relaxing at Jordon Pond and Seal Harbor in Acadia National Park to enjoying sunsets and canoe trips on Big Lake and West Grand Lake.

  WILDLIFE:  I welcome the opportunity to spend time photographing loons, eagles, fox, turtles, moose and more.

  ASSORTMENT:  Clouds against a pale blue sky, raspberries in a wine glass and fall reflections are some of the images featured in this gallery.